Processing of blocks is managed in our factory that is on the outskirts of Apricena, not far from our extraction basin. Cutting machines saw unrefined blocks which come from the quarry non-stop.

After sawing blocks, quality of slabs is considered as a whole. They are temporarily stored in yards before further processing occurs or prior to being sent to our deposit or sold straightaway.

Standard production is based on most commonly requested thicknesses (2-3 cm, 4-5 cm, 6-8-10 cm). However, we are able to produce slabs of every thickness and size on demand.

Also, within the production department, our staff take care of the polishing process and – depending on the orders – we are able to produce hundreds of square metres slabs every day. In addition, we are able to realize several finishing touches onto material.

Apart from producing and finishing our Stone, we buy and import blocks of other kinds of marble like travertine and granite from all over the world. Our finishing department is specialized into the production of slabs of marble and granite as well.

Our business office looks after the productive cycle step by step, and guarantees that material is always suitable to clients’ needs.